Saturday, 8 December 2018

What's ur Favourite Drink !!!

Hi, Bloggers, I'm back with another post. Today I'm gonna ask you a simple question
What is your favourite fizzy drink?

Monday, 17 September 2018

A Poem is not

HI, guys, it's me Phi-An and Today I am going to be sharing with you is A poem is not...Hope you guys like it and Thanks for reading Bye!!!

A poem is not A apple
But you can eat it

A poem is not Baby
But It’s really cute

A poem is not Cat
But it can meow

A poem is not a Dog
But it can bark!

A poem is not Egg
But you can eat it

A poem is not fish
But you can be fried it

A poem is not a Golf ball
But you can hit it

A poem is not Hat
But you can wear it

A poem is not Ice
But you can melt it

A poem it not jelly beans but you can buy it

A poem is not a kite but you can fly it
A poem is not a lollipop but you can lick it
A poem is not a Mum but you can always love her
A poem is not a Ninja warrior but it can karate kick
A poem is not an octopus but it has eight legs and arms
A poem is not a puppy but it can grow
A poem is not a Queen but she is very rich
A poem is not a Race but you can try faster
A poem is not a Star but you can see it at night
A poem is not a tower but you can search for one
A poem is not an umbrella but it can protect you from rain
A poem is not a Vet but it’s helpful for animals
A poem is not a window But it’s clear through
A poem is not an X-ray but it can see your bones
A poem is not a Yoyo but it’s very playful

A poem is not a zebra but it does have strips

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Needing Tips On Controlling your Anger!

Hey, Blog it's Phi-An and Earlier today at School Mr Margetts Found a video on how to control your temper with Anger. So Hope you guy's like my post for today. Thanks, guy's for reading and also Hopefully you guy's learnt something today.

Here are some Videos:

1: Make sure you breathe in and out slowly
2: Also  loosen up a bit with your muscles
3: Talk it out with someone or write it down in your book

When I was

Hey, Guy's It's me Phi-An and today I am going to be doing Poem on "When I was" So just so you guy's know is that these are true facts about me when I was younger till now. They will also not rhyme as well. Thanks, guys for reading Bye!

When I was 0 I was born with naturally curly hair
when I was 1 My uncle gave me my first birthday dress
when I was  2 I started to sleep in my own room and also I knew how to spell my own name
when I was 3 I got my ears pierced three times
when I  was 4  my mum played this song named I don't wanna talk about it and I started getting the lyrics of the song, from the age of  5 I knew the full song
when I was 6 I knew how to do a handstand
when I was seven I shave off my hair for my cousin because she had cancer so if she didn't have any more hair because of her sickness then I won't have hair too
when I was 8 I was under my nana's shoulders of my height
when I was 9 I got my own Chromebook
So know that I'm ten I will be 11 in 2 months now

All Time Songs

Hey, Guy's It's me Phi-An and today I am going to be showing you some songs that I liked. If one of your songs are up there Pls comment down below. Just so you guys know, none of these songs is my theses are songs I just love to listen too. Thanks, guys for watching, Bye!!!
So this song up above is a Dj Noiz remix of chill
BY Konces, Donell Lewis and Kennyon brown
The next song up above is Boo'd up by Ella Mai
So this next song up above is Girls like you REmix from Dj Noiz
Ft(feat)Maroon 5 and Cardi B

Happy belated Father's Day

HI Blog it's me Phi-An and a few days ago it was Father's day. So Happy belated father's to all the father's around the Hope. Hope you guys had a great celebration with your Dad's.Thanks, guys for reading Bye for now

Happy Father's Day for all dad's

All about me 2018!

Hi Blog it's me Phi-An. Today I am going to be telling you all about me.

I am Half Samoan and Hald Tongan
I am 10 years old.
I am the eldest sibling in my family
My favourite chocolate is Dairy milk chocolate
My favourite lollies are Nerds
My favourite Ice cream is cookies and cream
My favourite sports is Touch and Netball
My favourite singer is Beyonce
My favourite songs are I'll rather go blind, irreplaceable and Dj Noiz remixes
My favourite colour is plain black
My favourite books to read is Geronimo Stilton
I love to sing and dance 

Well, Thank you for reading.Bye

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